Kids Creativity Corner

Preschooler stage is a time where our litter one’s senses allow them to observe and understand the world around them.

As my son is changing and adapting to the environment around him, the tools he uses in his room are crucial in help him with his development. Preschoolers loves to share what they learn by drawing and embracing the art and creativity around them, is extremely important. Have you found your little one drawing behind the furniture or on the walls?  Believe me it is a sensation that I do not recommend you experiment, especially if you have leather couches and your son makes his special drawing for you with permanent markers….

Creating a fun and functional corner in their room, will help you to have more organization in their room, at the same time will help them to have a space in their room to put their creativity on display!

Add textures, bright colors, and aromas to their creativity corner, these elements help them to recognize senses and grow their independency through their new creations.  Books are part of their childhood, so be sure to add a sturdy accent bookshelf to help compliment their little creativity corner…

Inspire their creativity

Always, always, always encourage conversations about their art and let them be….. 

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