Learning sight words…

Kindergarten is the time to prepare our kids to a new world experience

But nobody mention how challenging this new process can be…

Definitely, during this school year sigh words have become my best friends.  Reading is process that sometimes can be challenging for some kids, like mine….

In this stage children are fascinated to discover and share with others what they learned 

Instead of teaching my child to memorize words, I make the reading time a fun sight words ADVENTURE time…  in this way he understand better and I make the process easier and fun for him. kids learn in different ways and different times, by creating different games and making the reading a fun way for him has helping me to have a very enjoyable time, engage, learn, and spend time together . 

When my son spend time playing with the sigh words have helped him to understand better and learn faster at the same time he is more confident reading.

Hopefully my experience can give you and idea to create create new fun learning games to help your child to read faster……   

Please !!! share your kids reading experience with us on the comment box below. Help us to inspire other super mommy’s like us to have a better reading experience.

I list some sight words games that works for me and hopefully works for you as well.

Recommended Sight Words Games:

  • Alphabet BINGO
  • Sight Word BINGO
  • Sight Words Memory Game
  • Flash Cards


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