Toddler / Bed transition…

My son is 5 years old and it’s time to replace his toddler bed to a regular big boy bed.  When we were looking for a bed, I had this perfect room in mind, where my son would be sleeping all the time.

Have you seeing those cute small toddler beds rooms pictures everywhere on your computer lately? You know, the ones that are nicer than your adult bed? We got the bed, directly from Pinterest. Everything went as we planned, except that my son only slept on his toddler bed twice, darn social media got me again….

We purchased a toddler bed, to help our soon with the transition to a big boy bed. After much love and of labor, decorating the cute bed with special small sheets and decorating pillows, the tiny bed was placed in the room corner and used twice.

We had a great time playing and letting our imaginations take over on the toddler bed, but our new focus was on a fun and functional children’s bedroom.

After thoroughly cleaning the apartment, we finally decided to make the room change and add cool elements to his room to try to keep him interested in his room new space.  We started with a nice queen bed, and playful element that helped me keep his room organized, and at the same time keep him entertained. Elements that we know he would be interested, like super heroes.

Before we started, I wrote all the elements on a piece of paper that my son loves the most, and I ended up picking my two favorite ones; super heroes and boss baby (he loves to play that he’s in charge all the time). We create a super hero wall, offering him the opportunity to display, hang, and see his favorite super heroes all the time.  At the same time is practical because the wall decor has great lighting, which helps serve as a night light as well.

To complete the space, we create a multifunctional desk, adding his art paints, crayons, and pencils to the wall for easy access. He loves his desk, and we do as well!

Since we changed his toddler room to a super hero’s room, he’s in his room all the time. He has not tried to sleep with us in our bed, unless he has been sick or scared.  He is sleeping very soundly now, and more happily if I must say so myself!  The project took a full five days to complete, (with product shipping) and we enjoyed process very much.  It works. It really does….

Hope our experience can help you to make a better decision on your next purchase!!

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